The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! - Wednesday , November 30 , 2016


So. The next four years promise to be... interesting.


Anyways, I hate to do this, but I have to announce a one-month hiatus for the comic. I'll be back on Christmas. Remember that writing project that was so important? It's a screenplay, if you're curious (the other one I mentioned a few years back... did not solve my financial woes, and... well, we'll leave it at that). This one still needs to be fiddled with. And then, ideally, I will get some significant money for it, and my life can finally stabilize a bit. At least that's the hope.

Sorry to leave the comic hanging on such a - - well, I was going to say "political note," but surely suggesting that we should love our neighbors isn't political. Is it?

BTW - I normally wouldn't explain a joke like this, but since I've now lampshaded that their names are puns - - Kohlrabi is a kind of turnip (my dad is fond of kolhrabi greens). Sorbet is like ice cream, but different; and all my cops are named for ice creams. Falderal is an old-fashioned word for nonsense (sometimes spelled folderol or falderol). And garbanzo beans are, of course, garbanzo beans. Other names I considered: Sherbet for the wife (culturally appropriate, but not as pretty sounding), Quinoa for the daughter (which is not pronounced the way it is spelt), and Alfalfa for the son (which would have involved a cowlick of hair, and copyright disputes).

(BTW BTW... So why is she from Mali (puns with Molly's name notwithstanding)? On account of I've taken a rather nerdy interest in pre-colonial African history lately -- those of you who've read the novel may remember some stuff about the cool stone cities in Zimbabwe -- and I'd like to eventually do a little story here dealing with the old Malian city of Timbuktu, sort of like the Japanese stuff in the ninja story a few years back. I'm not promising that that will be the next story, but... y'know, eventually.)

So... see you on Christmas!

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