The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! - Tuesday , February 21 , 2017


So, I uploaded this yesterday before work, came home, and discovered that it was displaying much much bigger than I intended. Darn. So, that’s fixed now. I tightened up the layout a bit, too. If you want to see the ginormous version, here you go. I do actually think the lightshow looks nice enlarged.

I took a look at the end of Starman for the first time in a while. Man, I really remembered it being more impressive than that. Mostly it’s just the guy and the girl standing there while it rains space confetti. Meh. Oh well, you know what Molly’s talking about in general. 2001, Close Encounters, E.T., Star Trek TMP. You know, a space lightshow! I suppose they’ve become less common in movies since desktop screensavers made such things cheap and ubiquitous, which is a shame, but back in the day, a lightshow is how you knew an alien was really powerful or enlightened or whatever. So… lightshow!

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