The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! - Tuesday , April 25 , 2017


Well, that strip got longer and more involved than I originally intended. I'd meant to break this up over a few strips, but it just seemed to flow better in one big chunk. Sorry to keep everybody waiting on it.

The incident Golly is referring to in panel six happened back in her origin story, here.

NOTE ON BACKUP SITE - I just learned that LiveJournal, where I have maintained this comic's Official Backup Site since 2007, has changed its Terms of Service, and I am not comfortable with the new ones. I have not signed them, which means I cannot update the site, not even to make an announcement. Argh.

I will be starting a NEW BACKUP SITE elsewhere, and I will announce it here as soon as I do. To those who have followed Bob on LiveJournal, I apologize profusely for the inconvenience, as well as for the abruptness of this. In the meantime, I still gladly welcome comments at my email address listed below,

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