The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! - Saturday , October 18 , 2014


Fun bit of backstory on this: I had drawn and completed a MUCH more elaborate version of this strip. It ended up taking so long that I missed Saturday's deadline. Last night (Sunday) as I sat looking at it, I still wasn't sure about it. I showed it to a couple of other people who shall remain nameless, and gauging their reaction, realized that really it was just wordy, overcomplicated, didn't advance the story in any significant way, had taken me forever to draw, and most importantly, wasn't very funny. So, I redid it, in much simpler fashion, and honestly I'm much happier with this. There's definitely a lesson for me in all that.

Will there be a Tuesday update tomorrow? Well, if I can manage it after all the time that got wasted on this one. I'll do my best. If there is, it will be in the late evening.

As for the books, yes, by Mothra, they are coming. Formatting everything for them has been much more of a chore than I'd hoped, but I am eager to be done with it, and the books are indeed coming. Soon. -ish. Soon!!

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