The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! - Saturday , April 20 , 2019


So, I have a new position at my day job, and new hours. It turns out, those new hours will leave less time for pursuits like webcomicking. Sigh. However, it also involves less physical shlepping about, so I'm hopeful that it will leave me with more energy for webcomicking. That is the hope! A hope which… wasn't really born out this week. I hadn't missed deadline completely like this in months. Ah well.

In other news, my book signing went really well! I brought 24 books to the event, and sold 17 of them, which I am told is phenomenally good for a first signing. Thank you both to Half Price Books on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, and thank you to my dad, my brother Peter, my brother-in-law Brian, and my nephew Jordan for logistical help and for encouragement.

And all of you at home can check out the novel! It turns out, it's good!

I'll see y'all Tuesday!


EDIT — 4/21/19. Welllll, I had to upload a correction here. It was only up for a brief time last night, but the original version of this strip ended with a gag about Peeps and matzoh being Halal, but no, it turns out Peeps contain gelatin, so no, they are not. I fixed the dialogue and re-uploaded the corrected strip in the wee hours of Sunday morning. So if you saw the earlier one, no you did not imagine it. I just goofed.

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